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Covid Galvanizes Kolkata’s Cycling Community

Covid left streets relatively clear of traffic, emboldening Calcutta's cyclists who have been banned since 2014 from the 64 arterial roads by the West Bengal government and Kolkata Police. A keen proponent of cycle-safe infrastructure in the City of Joy is Sukrit Sen, Placemaking India's Bengal Hub leader, who takes us on a whirlwind tour of his favourite spots in Kolkata on his bicycle.

Covid Galvanizes Kolkata’s Cycling Community2024-06-22T12:04:30+05:30

Cycling Accelerates India’s Green Shift

Cycling as a way of escaping domestic confinement during the first lockdown fortuitously translated for Placemaking India's Chennai-based Cycling Ambassador, Venugopal AV, into supporting a mission to make the non-motorised two-wheeler a more visible and substantial fixture in the modal mix on India's thoroughfares.

Cycling Accelerates India’s Green Shift2022-05-04T11:44:44+05:30
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