Covid Galvanizes Kolkata’s Cycling Community


Roads take up only 6% of space in Kolkata, the lowest in India. And while the metropolis records 1.68 million cyclists and 2.5 million cycle trips a day, only a few new-build neighbourhoods have made provision for #cycling infrastructure, severely disadvantaging its cargo cyclists, for whom the humble bicycle is essential to livelihood. In fact, cyclists are banned on 70 arterial roads by the West Bengal government and Kolkata Police and late last year, for the first time, a 39-year old was booked for ‘drink-riding’ on his bike.

Covid changed the understanding recreational cyclists had with the Kolkata Police and created the #Covid Cycling Community, which was just as intrepid as Relief Riders of Bengaluru in delivering medicines and essential supplies to people stranded by lockdown or quarantine. Placemaking India‘s Bengal Hub Leader Sukrit Sen was one among them and in this spirited vlog for #UnbuiltBackBetter, takes us through his 10+ public destinations in the City of Joy.